Swing Cover, Weather Protection 2-Person Seater Hammock, 65inch L x 50inc W x 63inc H

Swing Cover

Swing Cover, Weather Protection 2-Person Seater Hammock, 65inch L x 50inc W x 63inc H Our swing covers offer full winter protection for your swing, order our swing covers and keep its surface safe from rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, and more. The Polyethylene fabric prevents water from seeping through and promoting rust or rot. Adjustable elastic hem cord make sure the cover stays close and will not blow away in high winds. This swing cover is space-saving and can be wiped up just with water or mild detergent. Guaranteed to fit canopy swings 65inch long x 50inch wide x 63inch high. The cover features with interior bound seams for strength and show you a stylish accent; high-density stitching add durability. Elastic hem cord in bottom allows for a tight and custom fit. Beige Polyethylene material protects against sun, rain, snow and dirt year round, PU coated scratch resistant, Water Resistant. Easy to fold and store with a box which is quite space-saving. Can be wiped up with just water or mild detergent.

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