Outdoor/Porch Round Table and Chair Set Cover, Tan

Outdoor/Porch Round Table and Chair Set Cover

Outdoor/Porch Round Table and Chair Set Cover, Tan Do not let your brand new round patio table and chairs set get damaged from nasty weather, order our patio furniture cover and keep its surface safe from rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, and more. The Polyethylene fabric prevents water from seeping through and promoting rust or rot. Adjustable elastic hem cord make sure the cover stays close and will not blow away in high winds. Cover size: 94-inches diameter, 36-inches high, for round tables with 4-6 chairs. Brown Polyethylene material protects against sun, rain, snow and dirt year round, PU coated scratch resistant, Water Fire Resistant. Double-stitched seams will add strength and show you a stylish accent. Adjustable elastic hem cord around bottom for snug fit against wind. Easy to fold and store with a box which is quite space-saving. Can be wiped up with just water or mild detergent.

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