Built-In Grill Cover Waterproof 42inchL x 23inchW x 12inchH, Brown

Built-In Grill Cover Waterproof 42inchL x 23inchW x 12inchH

Built-In Grill Cover Waterproof 42inchL x 23inchW x 12inchH, Brown The Abba Patio built-in grill cover are designed to protect your brand new grill get damaged from nasty weather. The Polyethylene fabric prevents water from seeping through and promoting rust or rot, while keeping your cooking surface free from dust, dirt, rain, snow, leaves, bugs, rodents, tree sap, bird droppings and other debris. Adjustable elastic hem cord make sure the cover stays close and will not blow away in high winds. Barbecue built-in grill cover measures: 42inch length x 23inch width x 12inch high. Brown polyethylene material – PU coated scratch resistant, water resistant, protects against sun, rain, snow and dirt year round. The cover features with interior bound seams for strength and show you a stylish accent; high-density stitching add durability. Adjustable elastic hem cord around bottom for snug fit against wind. Easy to fold and store with a box which is quite space-saving. Can be wiped up with just water or mild detergent.

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