Abba Patio 18lbs. Shade Canopy Leg Steel Weight Plate, 1 Piece

Abba Patio 18lbs. Shade Canopy Leg Steel Weight Plate

Abba Patio 18lbs. Shade Canopy Leg Steel Weight Plate, 1 Piece Steel material, 18lbs. UV resistant, rust-resistant. Fits all canopy poles up to 1.9inch wide. Comes complete with carry handle and holes for heavy duty ground pegs. Order comes with 1 piece, picture 4 is only used for display. For use with the pop up instant canopies; Use to weigh down canopy legs for added stability. The canopy weights can also be stacked on top of each other to add extra steadiness. If you are concerned about your canopy shelter getting knocked down or blown over, the Shade Canopy Leg Weight Plates is just what you need. It features 18-pound weights with built-in carry handles for added convenience. This weight plate is the ideal solution for safely and easily securing any tent canopy. Constructed from sturdy steel material, this weight plate measures almost 10 inches across and weighs 18 pounds to firmly anchor down the base of your canopy at all four corners. The special powder coated frame makes the weight look and feel nice and protects against scratches for long-lasting use on the pavement, decks, grass, and anywhere else you need extra stability for your canopy.

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